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Not-for-Profit Accounting Services in Toronto

It’s great to meet you! If you are a charity, association or not-for-profit looking for accounting services in Toronto, you have come to the right place.

We are a team of trusted accountants and advisors who support more than 40 successful nonprofit organizations and charities. In fact, the not-for-profit sector is a strategic focus of our firm.

  • Are you looking for a new accounting firm or a new auditor?
  • Or do you need the help of a Chartered Professional Accountant?

Either way, our team would like to share our expertise with you!

Key Services We Provide for Nonprofits and Charities

  • Audits, reviews & compilations of financial statements
  • Tax advice & planning
  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) correspondence
  • Interpretation of financial information
  • Projections and forecasts for planning purposes
  • Internal control evaluations to help prevent errors, fraud & theft
  • Identification of potential issues for a “no surprise” audit
  • Year-round accessibility, communication and support
  • Public Service Rebate expertise (Yes! We help our clients get large refunds by successfully claiming the PSB Rebate.)
  • Bookkeeping services, too!

Meet our Practice Leader – NPO Specialist and Partner: Laura Gay

Our nonprofit team is led by Laura Gay, CPA, CA, LPA. Laura is a trusted advisor who ensures no stone is unturned when working with her clients.

Laura works exclusively with not-for-profit organizations and is a recognized specialist in the industry who frequently presents at conferences on topics of importance to not-for-profit associations.

If your nonprofit, charity, or association chooses Stern Cohen you can expect the following care and support:

  • You will have a direct line to Laura Gay, who will serve as a resource and be available for consultation on accounting issues throughout the year (not just at audit time).
  • We will proactively identify issues or opportunities that might impact your organization’s financial well-being.
  • We will attend meetings to discuss our work and/or reports to improve your Management and Board of Directors’ understanding of financial matters.
  • We are also familiar with and an early adopter of modern technologies to save our clients time, to improve their processes, and to minimize human error. As a result, we can and do make helpful and proven recommendations for efficiencies.

In addition to her work with Stern Cohen, Laura holds a position on the board of one of Canada’s most successful charities: ALS Canada. Her experience working on the inside and outside of an NPO make her uniquely qualified to provide advisory and support to your organization.

You can read more about Laura on her bio here.

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For more information about how a partnership with Stern Cohen will work for you and your organization, we invite you to call or contact us today.

With knowledgeable and diligent auditors,

Stern Cohen has provided professional audit services to the College in the past years. We can take comfort in the fact that we never lose sight of the drivers of our business, the associated risks, and the potential effects on financial statement accounts.

Peter McCutcheon Executive Director, Royal College of Dentists Of Canada
Not-for-Profit Accounting Specialist Laura Gay with Best of Accounting logo and our office in the background.

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Laura Gay, Not-for-Profit Specialist

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