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To send file(s) to Stern Cohen, please fill out the form below. Then click “Choose File” to select your file.

More than one file to send us?

If you have more than one file to send to us, please put the files in one folder and “zip” the folder so you’re uploading one zip file.*

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*How to Create a Zip Folder

It’s easy! First gather all the files/pictures you want to send us into ONE regular folder. Then right-click on the folder, and point to “Send to” and select “Compressed (zipped) folder”. Remember to put your full name in the zipped folder name.

If you can’t zip your files into one zip folder…

If you have multiple files and you are unable to zip them into one file folder, please put your first and last name in the filename of each file and click here to upload on this alternate portal instead.