Stern Cohen Helps Client Get $12,000 HST Rebate

Toronto Star reporter and lawyer Sheryl Smolkin was intrigued when she heard about Stern Cohen’s successful efforts to recover HST paid in error by one of our clients – especially when that HST paid in error amounted to $12,000! After interviewing Stern Cohen Partner Lorne Lebow and our client, Smolkin decided to write an article in the Toronto Star to help spread the word to those who might be paying HST in error. You can view Sheryl’s story here:

If you’re a Senior (or if you have a family member) who is receiving Community Care Access Centre Service funding, please read Partner Lorne Lebow’s original article: “Recover HST On Homemaker Services Provided To Senior Citizens In Their Own Homes”.   If you or a family member has paid HST in error, please contact us if you’d like our assistance with recovering it.

Note: Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) were established by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in 1996, to help the public access government-funded home and community services and Long-Term Care Homes.