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Corporations, businesses and not for profit organizations all require timely and accurate financial reporting for decision making purposes. Whether you’re a business owner, CEO, CFO, Controller or board member, the team at Stern Cohen can provide guidance and services to assist with your financial reporting requirements. Talk to us for a cost benefit analysis on whether an audit or review is something you should consider, and when.

Do you need an audit or a review?

Business owners and organizational leadership may require an audit or review for the following reasons:

  • to meet a statutory or contractual requirement
  • when planning for a new business venture
  • when seeking financing or when a current lender requires a financial statement
  • to establish monitoring procedures
  • retirement planning

What are the Benefits of an Audit or Review?

The benefits of an audit or review engagement are different depending on the situation. Here is a list of several benefits that will give you a good return on your investment:

  • ability to negotiate better financing terms
  • identify cost reductions
  • improve operational efficiency
  • improve shareholder relations
  • increase financial reliability and integrity
  • better assessment of staff / employees so that training can be provided if needed
  • peace of mind for business or organization shareholders
  • higher business sale value (if the owner of the business is intending to sell)
  • more reliability

Stern Cohen’s Audit Expertise

Stern Cohen can help determine what type of assurance (audit or review) is required and also assist with the establishment of internal accounting controls. Controls will help achieve operational effectiveness and safeguard against financial mismanagement and fraud.

Our assurance procedures follow the protocols and practices as required under Canadian Auditing Standards, but our style and communications are open, frank, clear and concise. Why? Our goal is to proactively identify, communicate and resolve technical issues. And our people are up to the task. Clients who have switched from other firms routinely tell us that our team members demonstrate a strong understanding of business risks, processes, systems and operations; not to mention, as public accountants, our wide familiarity with a range of business and organizational types and industries.

Our team can explain complex technical matters, as well as significant accounting practices to internal staff who may benefit from more training.

Audit Services in Ontario

If you’d like to find out more about having your financial statements audited or reviewed – and whether they might benefit your organization, please contact us for a free consultation.

Audit Testimonial

“The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation is pleased to extend our support for the calibre of work undertaken by Stern Cohen over the 14 year history of the Foundation. Stern Cohen has provided exemplary audit and advisory services to the Foundation ensuring that the Foundation’s accountability for public resources is achieved at the highest standards. We highly recommend the Stern Cohen team as our auditors of choice.”

Kent Bassett-Spiers,
Chief Executive Officer – Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation


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