Personal Income Tax Deadline …and the Heartbleed Bug

As you’ve probably heard from news sources, the Canada Revenue Agency has now restored its online e-filing services after a five day closure to implement a “patch” for the Heartbleed bug. As a result of the service interruption, the CRA has extended this year’s tax e-filing deadline to May 5, 2014.

If you’d like to know more about the CRA’s announcement regarding their disruption and restoration of online services, click here.

You can also read about the potential impact to approximately 900 Canadian taxpayers who were removed from CRA systems by someone exploiting the Heartbleed vulnerability. Each person affected will receive a registered letter to inform them of the breach. The CRA will not be calling or emailing individuals to inform them if they have been impacted. To protect against fraudsters or email phishing, the CRA does not request personal information via email. Also note that the CRA is putting measures in place to support and protect those affected by the breach.