Vana Amanatidis

Vana Amanatidis, CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional)

Director of Human Resources

As Stern Cohen’s Director of Human Resources, Vana is the backbone to the firm’s strong team. Her compassion for staff and their futures is truly infectious — building a workplace that is not only supportive for employees, but clients as well.

Before coming to the firm in May of 2015, Vana was Lug Canada’s HR for three years. Through the implementation of various employee programs, she grew Lug to one of Canada’s top small and medium employers, a height she knows she can reach with Stern Cohen.

Vana first realized her passion for helping and supporting employees reach their goals during her six years as a branch manager for NCO Financial Systems in Portland. This enthusiasm for people, combined with her entrepreneurial and financial background, make her a perfect fit for Stern Cohen.

In just a short time as Director, Vana has made great strides for the firm, inspiring the team with her upbeat and personable attitude. Vana hopes to create multiple programs to help Stern Cohen’s employees continue to grow and learn new ways to help their clients.

Vana is an active member of both the Human Resources Professionals Association and the Association of Accounting Administrators.

A love of travel has taken Vana all over the world, and if she’s not in the office, she may not even be in the country. An avid runner, Vana has completed three full marathons and five half-marathons, and can’t wait to get back to hitting the pavement.

What do employees appreciate about you?

I’m compassionate and I really listen to what people are telling me. I’m big on input, implementing programs or whatever it takes to help the retention of employees.

I’m also really friendly and bubbly, and an eternal optimist!

What do you bring to Stern Cohen?

Passion. I believe everything you do, do it with passion. I have enthusiasm with everything I do.

Greatest accomplishment?

Being in a position where I love what I do. I’m not just at a job, I’m in a field that I love.

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