GST HST for Charities and Not-for-Profits

As seen at CPA Ontario's Not-for-Profit Conference 2017

Are you a nonprofit or charity board member or staff person? If so, you are probably keenly aware of how complex GST and HST rules and regulations are for not-for-profits and charities.

To provide some much needed help around these issues, Stern Cohen Not-for-Profit and Charity specialist Laura Gay was asked to present on this topic at CPA Ontario’s Not-For-Profit Conference in Toronto, on November 23, 2017.

This one-day conference was organized for financial leaders in the not-for-profit sector. The conference gave attendees the opportunity to learn best practices and new skills relevant to the industry, and to network with their peers.

Laura’s presentation was called: “Everything Charities & NFP’s Need to Know About GST/HST.”  It was delivered to a standing room only crowd of approximately two hundred! Response to the presentation was very positive and included the following feedback:

“I really enjoyed your presentation at yesterday’s conference.  It got my wheels turning, for sure!  I was wondering if you can email me a copy of the PowerPoint slide deck that you presented?”
Finance Manager, Not-for-Profit in Niagara Region
“Thank you for the presentation on HST/GST. Having written on this area, I sometimes throw up my hands at the confusion and complexity. Your slide deck – including charts is most helpful.”
Industry Lawyer and Author

If you are interested in this topic but were not able to attend the conference or this session, you are in luck! We are making the slides available for download via this page.

Three photos from CPA Ontario Conference Presentation by Laura Gay, Stern Cohen

Title & Description:

“Everything Charities & NFP’s Need to Know About GST/HST”

If you don’t think GST/HST applies to you, think again! This presentation will clarify matters like when you need to register for GST/HST, what are the exemptions and how to claim input tax credits. Find out if you qualify for an HST rebate (we’ve uncovered rebates for new clients of up to $73K!)  We’ll cover the challenges of operating in more than one province, how the calculations differ, and special GST calculations for charities. We’ll also discuss how your accounting firm can and should help with the more complex or “grey” areas of tax. If you have questions, we have answers (and we’ll offer some resources). This presentation is the brainchild of a team of CPAs who specialize in the NFP niche and deliver award-winning service.


Main Objectives of this Presentation:

a. Find out when you need to register for GST/HST
b. Learn about exemptions and how to claim input tax credits
c. Find out if your NPO/Charity qualifies for an HST rebate

Top Five Tips for NPO’s and Charities for GST/HST

Our top five tips for not-for-profits and charities on this topic are:

  1. Stop paper filing!  (File online through CRA’s My Business Account or Represent a Client)
  2. Re-evaluate your HST/GST requirements at least annually.
  3. Take advantage of the PSB Rebate.
  4. Refer to this presentation’s handy flow charts as your starting point.
  5. If you need help use online resources on the CRA website OR contact an NPO/Charity specialist (like you’ll find at Stern Cohen).

About the Presenter:

Laura Gay is a CPA, CA (Chartered Professional Accountant) who focuses on the Not-for-Profit sector at Stern Cohen LLP.

Disclaimer – This presentation provides general information only. Readers should consult with us on your specific situation before taking any action.